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Help Buglife save the planet

Your Chance to Helps Us

Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to theconservation of all invertebrates. We’re actively working to save Britain’srarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, worms to woodlice andjumping spiders to jellyfish.


Invertebrates underpin life on earth and without them theworld’s ecosystems would collapse – humans and other life forms could notsurvive without them. The food we eat, the fish we catch, the birds we see, theflowers we smell and the hum of life we hear, simply would not exist withoutbugs.


We are working hard to halt the extinction of invertebratespecies and to achieve sustainable populations of invertebrates by:

– Promoting their environmental importance and raisingawareness about the challenges to their survival.

– Developing legislation and policy that will ensure theirconservation.

– Developing and sharing knowledge about how to conservethem.

– Encouraging and supporting invertebrate conservation byother organisations.

– Undertaking practical conservation projects.


My son loved the large spider towel, a bit scary, but a great gift.



What a great selection, it was hard to decide what to buy.



My daughter is a budding zoo keeper and so she loves her new notebook.

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Gift Cards are perfect for everyone

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